Dear Customers


We are having many problematic service issues with mobile eftpos due to machines not being able to handle the very heavy duty work load that Wok Express places on them every night.

We do hundreds of deliveries every night in all weathers and the machines just keep breaking down due to constant handling and whenever it rains the machines get wet while trying to take payment on customers doorsteps and this causes a high failure rate.

In the past year alone we have had to repair and replace many of our machines and at approximately $1500.00 per machine and $300 per repair the costs are exceeding $5000 to $6000 per year.

It makes sense to move with the times and make use of online ordering and credit card payment technologies as this will be a much faster and seamless process.

We expect to save up to 2 minutes per delivery and the accumulative effect on this will be significant meaning that we can get the food faster to you as well as customers not having to stand on their doorsteps especially in the winter time waiting for transactions to go through.

We endeavour to provide a quality service and we think this is the best way to go and that eventually it will become the standard for all delivery companies.

Cash is still an option for those that prefer not to use a credit card.

We will still be using some eftpos machines for 2 to 3 months as we transition customers to online payments and to reduce any inconvenience.

Thanks for your understanding

Wok Express