Chef Nui is a hugely important part of the Wok Express family and it literally is a family! For starters we are family owned and operated. Paul & his wife, Pimvalee (our owners) along with their two children opened the first store in Parnell in 2006.

Chef Nui and his wife, Mae, are continuing the Wok Express family tradition. Chef Nui, emigrated from Bangkok to Auckland 4 years ago and has been the mainstay of the Parnell shop since arriving. Soon after his wife joined him from Thailand and also joined the Wok Express team and became our appetiser queen, hand making thousands of appetisers every week. 5 months ago Mae gave birth to a beautiful girl, Kaelin, we like to call her our Wok Express baby!



With the colder months on their way we’ve turned to our man, Chef Nui, to put his very own Laksa recipe on our menu!

Laksa comes in many different varieties. Chef Nui’s is a personal take on the Grandaddy of all Laksas, the ‘Curry Mee’ of Penang. The secret to a good Laksa, as anybody who knows something about it will tell you, is the Laksa paste (curry paste).  The exact composition of any good Laksa paste is always a closely guarded secret. Needless to say, Chef Nui’s Laksa paste recipe is not public knowledge.

What he will say is that he learnt the recipe from his head chef while working at a 5 star hotel restaurant in Bangkok. The head chef was originally from Penang but was a long time resident of Bangkok and so his Laksa recipe has influences from both places. Redolent with classic Penang Laksa flavours it also incorporates some quintessentially Thai ingredients, Lemongrass & Galangal (thai ginger).

To provide a perfect counter balance to the vibrancy and heat of the Laksa paste Chef Nui demands top quality coconut milk. This gives the curry a deliciously rich mouth feel.

Traditionally Laksa is only served with Beansprouts and a few herbs but we know Wok Express customers love their veges. So Chef Nui has added fresh Bok Choy and Broccoli from our local suppliers. This helps create a healthier and better balanced dish.