About Wok Express

Paul, Pim (and their 2 then teenage children) started Wok Express 15 years ago because we were both unfulfilled working in jobs that paid the bills but did little else for our quality of life.

As Pim was a very good Thai cook and Paul was cooking up the best Sunday roasts when he was just a teenager they decided to start up their own takeaway in Parnell and Wok Express was born.

It was decided from the beginning that the menu was not going to be restricted to Thai cuisine and so a Pan Asian menu was adopted. The motto was – if it can be cooked in a wok and our customers like it then it can go on the menu !. This turned out to be a wise decision as there are so many fantastic Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes it meant we could cherry pick the most popular of these and create a diverse menu.

However starting our first store in Parnell was a tough start in hindsight as the customers there were quite discerning and we had no commercial experience what so ever. But a good journey always has its ups and downs and we worked very hard 7 nights per week gaining experience and learning as we went along. We also discovered that restaurant and takeaway owners kept the best advice close to their chests so there were no shortcuts. We had to do it ourselves every step of the way.

Roll on 7 years later and we had built up a base of good regular customers that we still serve to this day as well as learning a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

This enabled us to open a 2nd store in Kingsland which started so well that a 3rd store in Ponsonby was opened a year later.

In 2020 we opened a 4th store in Epsom which has exceeded expectations and is now our busiest store. Being able to open a new store armed with 14 years of experience certainly makes life a lot easier.

Paul feels that the combination of Thai and Kiwi has a distinct advantage as Pim provides authenticity and skills and Paul who also cooks brought knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the typical kiwi customer and what their expectations were.

Paul knew that kiwis wanted fresh, they wanted healthy and they wanted quality. Most kiwis also wanted a balanced meal with protein, carbs and healthy vegetable and this is what we have built our reputation on.

We were the first takeaway in NZ to import gluten free oyster sauce which was completely unavailable 12 years ago and we were the first to introduce zoodles, cauliflower fried rice, keto and low carb offerings as well as one of the most comprehensive vegan menus in Auckland

To this day we are still trying to bring innovation to our customers and one thing that we have also learned over the past 15 years is that you can never stop learning.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our menu and our food. We have some of the best staff you can possibly get and they work extremely hard under enormous pressure to cook for you.


A big thank you to all our loyal customers and the new ones, who continually support us.

Best Regards

Paul and Pimvalee